Nuendo 7 plugins


I’ve purchased Nuendo 7, but my upgraded computer is still being built…so, I haven’t installed it yet.

Is there a place to find a list of included plugins? What are your favorites of the built in plugins?

Buying some 3rd party plugins, but don’t want to buy things I don’t really need…Thanks. This is for music production mostly…

There is a separate pdf of the factory plugins.
it comes packed with the rest of the documentation.
it is downloadable …
download the language of your choice, you should find the “plugin reference” pdf
contained within the zip file

I would say that it’s obviously a bit different for music where you are arguably more inclined to use “colorful” plugins on purpose, rather than clean ones, and I do mostly post-productions, but for what it’s worth these are the ones I keep using:

  • Stock EQ that’s “fixed” in the channel. Four bands only, but sounds clean and is versatile enough. It’s basically the same thing as the “Studio EQ” but in the channel. I think it’s after insert 6 but before 7/8 which are post-fader. It’s a bit unfortunate how it’s laid out because the lo/hi-cut filters in that window are actually before all inserts, but there’s no easy way to intuitively see that from the GUI.

  • Curve EQ is nice.

  • Compressor works quite well on dialog

  • Brickwall Limiter does it’s job well for post, meaning I’ve never “pushed it”.

  • DeEsser is very useful

  • Gate has actually given me very good results in some music mixes I’ve done.

  • Multiband Compressor has worked well, though I’m not loving the controls.

  • AmpSim worked well for voice effects actually. Coupled with reverb/filters can give you nice phone-fx.

  • Pitch-Driver is very useful, though I find I get more consistent quality printing the effect. Probably due to my computer.

You might also find the filters of more use than I do. Some quite specific stuff in there that seems good.

But other than that I typically resort to UAD plugins as I’m looking for color… or hardware…

The only 3rd party plugins I have are the Wave Diamond bundle.

Thanks everyone…that plugin reference was exactly what I was looking for…and also info on how well the de-esser worked…

I guess my biggest concern now is delay…plan to test Sigmund, RP, Masque, and EchoBoy…but hoping the built-in delays are okay…I never liked early Nuendo reverbs, but it looks like they may have improved that…

Wish I could say anything about them, but I have no real recollection of how they sound. I think I’ve resorted to UAD plugins for delay as well. I just wanted more color.

If I may; I highly recommend Exponential audio’s reverbs: PhoenixVerb and R2. The reverbs are programmed by Michael Carnes who programmed the legendary Lexicon reverbs, and I think the Phoenix sounds fantastic. It’s arguably more “realistic” and more appropriate for post for that reason, but the R2 sounds just as nice, just different. So definitely at least listen to them. I have yet to hear anything better.

UAD’s reverbs are also fantastic, but of course they require hardware.

PS: I think “Excalibur” is a delay plugin by Carnes, so you may want to check that out as well.

I tried the de-esser a while ago, and found it pretty good - does what it should, easy to adjust and no artifacts.
However as I have the good fortune to own a Jünger preamp, of course I usually use the onboard de-esser in that.

Yeah look at Sigmund! Sigmund kicks ass!

Oh, they have. Reverence is the only reverb I use nowadays.

Every time I see your name I want to drink… :slight_smile:

I had posted something to this thread, and it got censored. I didn’t say anything negative, so I’m just curious as to why it got deleted.

I likely have far less experience than the other posters. But my $.02 on delays… Echoboy is just one of those plugins that I use on every project. I have nothing bad to say about Nuendo packaged delays, but Echoboy has been part of my workflow for years and I just have not had a need to explore. I like the UAD Roland Space Echo as well, although that is no longer offered by UAD. And I use the Waves Doubler for certain functions as well, although not as a standard delay.

I use Nuendo solely for music production, not post.

The Steinberg Brickwall Limiter is mainly intended for accurate and transparent limiting of intersample peaks and short transients. It’s pretty good at that.

For silly L1/L2-style mix squashing the regular limiter and the maximizer work better.