Nuendo 7 upgrade/install - recommend procedure

Every now and then as far as I recall we see issues with new installs after which people go through preferences etc. So:

What would you recommend for the upcoming version 7 install as far as moving/copying/resetting preferences etc?

Perhaps we can iron some stuff out and preempt common issues.

Good Call :wink:

While we wait…

It has always been recommended, and this time it is no different, to start wilh a clean install.
That being said, I rarely do this myself. (know that at some points we have a weekly beta)
But … I have also bumped into a few issues which were cause by not trashing preferences.


Fredo, can you elaborate on exactly what is being trashed and what is not? I seem to recall there’s more than one file that’s part of what one thinks of as “preferences”…

I’ll wait for Win10, then buy a new SSD and make a clean Install on this. If it goes wrong, I have my “old” HD with working system …

(On Windows)
Computer/C/Users/Name Computer/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/

There you rename (at least) all previsous Nuendo folders.
(As you can see, you can rebuild a lot of things …)
If no Nuendo folders are present, or with that specific name (reasen why you only have to rename), upon startup the application will build new, fresh preferences. If an older install is present, the application will build the new ones based upon the old ones.

From there on you can do two things.
-Rename your new build preferences to “clean install” and restore your old ones, so the new version can once again build new preferences, but now based upon your old ones.
-Move back specific preferences from the old install, into the new one.
Or a combination of both.


Ok . . . . but then there are us Mac users . . .

Yes, I found the Cubase & Nuendo prefs folder to be a bit baffling / time wasting (on OS X Yosemite in this case). I would also hope that Steinberg might update its ‘what prefs do’ site at some point soon, is a little out of date now. See

I try to keep back ups of the important prefs with the original installers, in particular all of my session templates, that’s pretty straightforward. Other prefs however do not necessarily seem to live in a single location, and/or restoring them has unexpected consequences, or simply no effect. For example, the very long list of preferences for Cubase /Neundo. Very unclear, for example, the colour schemes and break points for metering (which I calibrate according to what I need).

The other that has been driving me spare is the new custom plugins settings for CP8 & which will shortly appear in N7. It certainly a well worth-while feature in my experience, customising plug-in lists and then drop down appearance in situ, say like for the otherwise very long list of UAD or Melda plugs. Brilliant idea there that I can re-set this up according to favourites / categories etc. However, all of that takes a lot of mouse clicking and finicking about, then to find that i) these don’t seem to be able to be saved as a pre-set file; and ii) new prefs blow these away, nor does there seem to be a way to restore - the above Sternberg link doesn’t mention this preference.

Anyways, I agree, would be excellent to have some more clarity on where and how the prefs may be better managed. Personally, I would like to see a greater range of ‘save as’ a particular user preferences to a file than can then later be re-loaded.

Does N7 worrks with current EuCON?

Painless & smooth grace period update here from 6.5+Nek to 7+Nek. Prefs were no problem, the 7 install simply copied 6.5 prefs into a new Nuendo 7 prefs folder. No issues whatsoever that I’ve found. Nice update & a few surprises to me in that CP8 features were not a literal transfer and more nicely implemented in N7, the VCA feature for example; the new collection of multi band tools.

Worked dandy here installing 7 update from 6.5 on my notebook.
Sweet! I think we’ll be friends… :slight_smile:
@ blob: Will be installing it on my studio mainframe tomorrow, will report on EuCon performance then.
Also looking forward to test-driving the reconform feature…

Back with an update.

N7 works fine with the current EuCon. VCA faders are mapped and work correctly as well.
However, there is an AAF issue on my EuConized system. See separate post here for details.

Thanks. Ready for upgrade!!

7 pulled in my 6.5 prefs, totally painless, works perfect, good job SB