Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase 8.5 PRO - What would fit my requirements

Hello everyone,

I’ve been following the lively community here for a while and recently wanted to dig deeper into recording/editing. I used to work with video editing softwares and video production in general and recently thought about adding audio editing to my group of interest. After a long fight between Avid or Steinberg products I finally decided to stick with Steinberg. Now that I’ve got a brief overview of all the products that are available I wondered which DAW would fit my interests/plans/projects best.

I’m planning on doing music videos (either Covers with various instruments - guitar, piano, violin + vocal or own compositions) as well as educational videos (languages). For that I would record my video footage myself and edit it myself. For the music videos this would mean recording the performance simultaneously and then mastering, synchronising and forging it according to my needs. This would certainly fall under the post-production segment.

On the other hand I would certainly also need some of that for my educational videos, where i plan to include my own introductionary sound track + vocals. The sound track could be produced in Cubase but what about the mastering of the vocals? Would that require Nuendo or could I achieve that in Cubase too?

I was wondering whether or not Nuendo actually stands for a Cubase+ product (containing all the features Cubase offers + some extras) or if it just specializes in specific areas. My goal is not necessarily to enter Hollywood realms but to be a proficient YouTuber with high quality footage.

:confused: Maybe someone here could help me out. I’d really appreciate your help and advise on that.

Thank you very much,


Cubase will be fine for your needs.

Hello Lukas,

good to hear you will be coming onboard Cubase and Steinberg software in general. Depending on how elaborate your mastering plans are, you could also have a look at WaveLab 9 for music and vocal mastering.


I’d say, too, Cubase would totally fit your needs. I do some similar things as you from time to time, educational videos or adding sound to game trailers. For this, I used Logic, which I think is quite equivalent with Cubase so you’ll have a great match with Cubase, where you can lay out your music, add tracks for sound effects, cut your recordings and add some “mastering” shine on things. I don’t think you’ll need specialized software for the “mastering” part based on your description of what you have in mind. You can also drag in your video file and make everything sync smoothly. You’ll be really happy with Cubase I think.

Is Nuendo a Cubase+ ? Yes and no. Nuendo is really tailored for the post-production segment. Dialog editing, ADR, adding sound fx and foley to movies, mixing many movie tracks, game audio and so on. It has many many features that Cubase doesn’t have, tailored towards this post production segment. See a list here:

BUT it lacks a lot of music content that Cubase has. Some of Cubase’s synths, samplers, sampler content, chord tracks and other music functions are not included in Nuendo. You can buy an additional package called NEK (Nuendo Expansion Kit), which adds this missing functionality and extends Nuendo with all the virtual instruments of Cubase. It’s another €140.

You might ask why this musical content is not included for the price, as Nuendo is 3-6 times more expensive (depending on the Cubase edition you choose). That’s what many on this forum wonder :wink:

I’d say, based on what I read from you, you’ll be happy with Cubase. Depending on how many virtual instrument tracks you need even with the Artist version. But check out the comparison sheet:

here’s a couple of Nuendo-only features you might find useful:

  • multi-branch undo/redo history
  • advanced crossfade editor with asymmetrical crossfades
  • batch export of multiple cycle markers (very useful for mastering)
  • multiple marker tracks
  • edit mode (video follows cursor during editing changes)
  • more advanced automation
  • more advanced surround mixing

in short, Nuendo+NEK = a better Cubase + postproduction extensions and a slower update cycle.

It sounds like Cubase is your friend.

Edit Mode all the way!!