Nuendo 8.0.10 maintenance release available

Dear Forum members,

alongside the Nuendo 8 release, we are offering a day-one maintenance update, called Nuendo 8.0.10.
This maintenance update provides numerous improvements in areas such as:

  • Direct Offline Processing
  • Video Engine
  • Immersive Sound

With the installation of Nuendo 8.0.0 you are asked for updates: we highly recommend to install the
Nuendo 8.0.10 version, either during the 8.0.0 installation or as separate installation under:
Nuendo 8.0.10 Download


OK, but where do I download the actual upgrade!?

By clicking on the link in the above article.


I am told that I have to install N8 first . the 8.0.10 update is 77mb I do not think that is wahat I need.

The upgrade for MAC is 458 MB . For PC 77MB I can still not upgrade sitting here waiting, When clicking the update 8.10 There is no Nuendo 8 to update… so please point me to the right link

Regards Micke.

Means that you haven’t installed the initial Nuendo 8 upgrade yet.
Did you actually buy/purchase the Nuendo 8 update?
And why haven’t you installed it yet?

-Buy Nuendo 8 upgrade
-Install Nuendo 8
-Install Nuendo 8 update (as pointed to above)


AS i said, I have payed, from an other computor. Recieved the authorisationcode which I have copied to my eLicenser control center. in the mail there is no link to download…

I noticed that the N8 installer can automatically pull down the 8.0.10 update and install it. It worked for me. Why is there a recommendation to install 8.0 first before the update? In my case I moved from N7 to N 8.0.10 directly and everything seems to be fine.

Just my $0.02