Nuendo 8.1 and High Sierra freezing on mixdown

Since upgrading to High Sierra (Currently 10.13.14) Nuendo 8.1 freezes several times during mixdown. These freezes can last for several seconds and seem to lock up the whole computer. The mixdown will eventually complete. This doesn’t happen with real time renders. These freezes don’t happen in the one studio that we have which is still on OSX 10.12. These freezes happen even without any plugins and a single unedited audio file. This problem happens in three different studios here after upgrading to High Sierra. All studios are using the latest generation Mac Pro systems. This also seems to be an issue with the latest version of Cubase and High Sierra.

10.13.4 me too

I encounter the same behaviour too on 10.13.4. It looks like the computer freezed, but after a couple of seconds it’s back to normal. The rendered file is fine, no dropouts.

For what it’s worth, it’s happening here on N7 as well.


I change the system back to 10.12.6,everything is ok。

It never ends, does it?
Got bitten as well. Hope there will be a fix soon.

The problem persists on 10.13.5 with N8.1.10. Can anyone test with N8.2? I can’t since 8.2 is crashing with “old” (8.1.10) projects here.

I hoped that when I updated to N8 that this apparent situation with OS 10.13x would be resolved…

Hopes dashed. Am wondering if it might be a laptop issue-- but I have no way to test it, as I am not going to update my desktop to High Sierra as long as these issues persist for other folks as well.

Has this been lodged as an official bug report? Has Steinberg or a mod responded in any way? That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

(Yes, it would)


Nuendo 8.2.10 is still freezing the computer on mixdown on MacOs 10.13.5

Is this a known bug and is there a plan to address it in a future update?