Nuendo 8.1 Update - something not right

Installed the new Nuendo update 8.1 tonite. However, none of my Nuendo projects done a day earlier in 8.0.15 would open. Nuendo repeatedly crashed while loading. I opened Cubase 9.0.35 in order to work and everything loaded fine. Finished my session, and then loaded up Nuendo 8.0.15. All songs loaded fine. All is good once again in “Ted Land”. :slight_smile:

What got changed in the update that would cause this kind of behaviour?

There is another user experiencing corrupted session files in one of the other 8.1 threads and a third one not being able to load Cubase 9 projects.
This seems to be an issue. :open_mouth:

I’m running a Cubase 9 demo at the moment because N8 and 8.1 aren’t working properly. It’s a freaking joke.
Disappearing video, disappearing new features, having to trash prefs again, plugins being blacklisted.

SB sort your bleep out!


Did you keep a copy of the original corrupted projects you had by any chance? If yes, could you send me these projects via PM?



There were no “corrupted” files. They were simply files saved in Nuendo 8.0.15 that wouldn’t open in Nuendo 8.1. They did, however, open fine in Nuendo 8.0.15 and Cubase 9.1.35, which I take to mean they were not “corrupted”. Am I misunderstanding the question?

I guess it would be helpful to send him these projects too so they can check what’s going on.

I will. I just didn’t understand the word “corrupted”. I think the code on version 8.1 is corrupted, not my files. All my files are working perfectly, there’s no corruption. And the files I created in Nuendo 8.1 opened fine in 8.0.15 and Cubase 9.1, so they weren’t corrupt.

Hi Ted,

This was not an attempt to blame your files themselves but to try to see what leads to a crash. I need your original files to be able to investigate and figure out what goes wrong. That they are corrupted or not isn’t the main question here, what we want is that it doesn’t crash in the end.

Thank you for sending me the files via PM


Hi Armand:

Yes, of course I’ll send them on to you later. But they don’t “crash”, they simply won’t “open” in Nuendo 8.1. Is that considered a “crash”? Just trying to understand your terminology.