Nuendo 8 & 10 freezing and crashing

So I’ve been a Nuendo user since 1.6 and generally speaking it’s been plain sailing. That is until I upgraded to Nuendo 8. I loaded a large and complex music project I’d been working on in N7 and it was unusable, freezing for a few seconds during playback every few minutes and then eventually locking me out of Nuendo completely.

Anyway, in the end I put it down to the old project loading into the new version and forgot about it, continuing to use N7.

Then N10 appears, and keen to use the new features and interface, I upgrade. I’ve just tested it out on a short score for a film I’m producing for the BBC and guess what, the exact same problem, except this time it crashes on a new super simple project that just has a few midi tracks playing to a 5 minute video. Not a single plugin is loaded into the project.

I’ve tried several different codecs and containers for the video and it still freezes and crashes. Fortunately the NPR file is backwards compatible and loads into N7, which works perfectly.

What is different from N7 to N8/10 to make it crash constantly?

In summary, I’m on Windows 10, a six core 32gb PC with a 980ti video card, latest drivers. That’s running an RME Madi card, that’s connected to an Orion Antelope 32 @96k and then into my Neve Genesys.


It could be your preferences. Try doing a completely fresh install of N10 with no automatic importing of preferences from any previous Nuendo version.

Thanks but I don’t think it did import any preferences. Certainly all my settings I use in N7 were not carried over. No key shortcuts, audio settings etc I had to set it all up from scratch.

That doesn’t mean it did not import the preferences. You can temporarily run N10 with the factory defaults by holding down Ctrl+Shift+Alt when launching the application (choose the appropriate option in the dialogue which appears).