Nuendo 8.2.10 maintenance update - now available

Dear forum-members,

we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of the 8.2.10 maintenance update for Nuendo.

This small maintenance update resolves a few stability issues and offers improvements to some of the new features introduced in Nuendo 8.2.

The Nuendo 8.2.10 update can be downloaded here or from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks for choosing Nuendo!

Unfortunately, still does not work with BM DeckLink Mini Monitor 4k & Desktop Video v 10.11.
Cubase 9.5 continues to do so.

Since installing 8.2 DVCPro Codec does not work anymore on windows.
8.2.1 did not fix it unfortunately.
Any signs on a fix for that?

Thanks Luis. Been working with this update for a couple of days and no issues.

Hey Luis,


Tilting, compressing and scaling still adds automation events to the start and end of the selection (started doing that in 8.2.0). I’m not using range selection, just selecting the points I want to edit with the Object Selection tool.

Is there an option to turn that off?


but but …

delete files from pool window is working in 8.2.10 ? i don’t see it in solved issues.
this is such a pain not to be able to delete files !
for one file you can still go to browser but when you have multiple it’s just impossible as the windows browser only appears with one of the files selected.

just checked… nop it’s not solved. caman this is a major issue. How can’t you put this in the priority list to fix i don’t get it !

We’ll be looking into this once again.

Please take a look at this issue regarding video glitches: Video Glitch Problem - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

It’s a major issue on computers running onboard Intell graphics card.
I can’t have a Nuendo or Cubase session open with a client at my studio anymore, and it’s getting very stressfull and slow to work.

Please take this suggestion without offense. How about adding an inexpensive, dedicated video card? That puts you in control instead of waiting on Steinberg.

I know what that may not be what you want to hear but it is an immediately available solution that would be inexpensive relative to having issues with your clients.

Anyone else having issues with computer crash when exporting audio? Nuendo 8.2.1 Mac Pro 5,1 3.46 6 core os x 10.13.6…It’s killing me.

With every video + AAF I open, there seems to be an offset and things are out of sync. Video seems to be behind, somewhere in between 3/4 and 1 frame. I’m getting mostly .mp4 from clients. Never experienced this offset in Nuendo 7. A workaround would be to manually nudge the video a bit, but I kinda need everything just to be in sync. Asking some colleagues, I’m not the only one. Is there a solution to this? Thx!

Monitoring while writing volume automation in Trim Mode not working. No change in monitoring levels while writing fader moves. Only plays the new levels while in playback AFTER writing, rendering it impossible to use.

Mac 10.13.5
Nuendo 8.2.10