Nuendo 8.2 is the best Nuendo in a decade at least

Hi guys,

Nuendo 8.2 is far from perfect and I can give a list of improvements (much better audio engine, better transient detection or graphic acceleration, better project sharing, for instance) or bug fixes (random clicks with time stretching, for example), but this post is just to say this is the best version in a decade, it’s everything that Nuendo 8.0 should have been, so congrats to Steinberg and I hope this gets better.




Yes, version 8.2 is a very good one. Some menu and GUI changes have made it very comfortable to use.

And i feel that the audio engine is very good (except for a recording bug i did describe in another post). Why do you say that it should be much better ?

Graphic acceleration could definitely enhance the software speed for large track count (and allow to design advanced track level meters without any processor load). But it’s something that need top programmers that master OPENCL and OPENGL programming. Certainly not an easy task to find them. But not impossible. Protools and a few commercial softwares in the graphics area do it with success. Anyway, i feel that the development priority should not be here. I think that the priority now should be : testing / debugging, real time events effects and EQs with automation support. DOP was a first step but is not enough compared to the comfort of realtime processing on events (has been done on a few software now, the first was probably Samplitude).

Nevertheless i still have a jumpy jog control from my MCS3800 JLCooper control surface. Hopefully this will be corrected because it’s annoying when doing vocal edits for example.

When rotating the jog, very frequently the cursor is making jumps, as large as 1 second. And it is not only the cursor, audio listening is jumping to the new position too.

I tried another MIDI interface without success. I tried to change audio hardware settings (buffers, process priority…), nothing solve the problem.

I tried the MCS3800 with another software, and it’s working without jog jumps.

So i definitely thing that it’s a Nuendo Problem, something like a midi buffering or data corruption problem when using the JLCooper protocol.

Another point with the JLCooper jog, is that the lowest jog speed is not low enough. We should have a setting here, and perhaps a dynamic following of the GUI zoom.

Agree. Best Nuendo version in years. Just love it.

Nuendo 8 is indeed a very good release. The interface got so much better ! The export dialog for instance, wtih drag and drop attributes (memorized by export type) itself is a gem !

Thanks 10 000 times to the whole team.

Also agree, best version and Thumb Up to Steinberg team. You rock guys!

I received new update with optimism. GUI at Mac looked much better but… running big projects like one hour of film 5.1 mixing project, it runs slow again. Meters are unresponsive, cursor jumps rougly instead a smooth movement… Then I open sme project in 8.1 and all runs better… I can’t believe.

What are you referring to here?

I’ve never used Nuendo before, but I’m loving 8.2. As others have pointed out, it does need some major help in areas including improving the audio engine significantly, much better hitpoint detection (CPU use compared to Reaper and even Pro Tools, is bad), and better GUI speed (on Mac, anyway), among others…but it’s a great program for sure and is very solid here. I’m looking forward to continued improvements to a great program.

no Joke, so far this is incredible!!! so snappy even on monster project over +200 tracks. new automation is great.

I’m not on a MAC, however when I first installed it I was running into similar problems with some sluggish GUI and video playback. However after just trashing the DEFAULT.xml in preferences and re loaded nuendo what a difference give it a shot if you installed over 8.1

Yes, N8.2 feels pretty good. Better GUI.

This might be just me but I imagine that is sounds a little better too :astonished:

Lets hope they continue improving it (fixing outstanding bugs) and that subsequent versions don’t return to the sort of bug-fest we had with the original N7 sand N8 releases.

I’m loving N8.2 so far :smiley:

I was refering to the naming scheme in the export AUDIO dialog .
It used to be drop down menus and now it is a much better drag and drop based interface.

I hope they’ll revamp the MP3 attributes box too…

Agree. N8.2 is the best version in years. Thank you SB.
Nuendo is great

Good to hear FenderChris !
Did Nuendo 8.2 solved your Tango objects limit problem ?
The Tango is a good controller (and was pricey too), it would be a shame for it to end as a door stop.

There has been a definite improvement.

See my post of 29th May in this thread:

Yes, the Tango is very good. It even recognises the new Sampler tracks, and I can live with it only seeing the first 8 Inserts - I have never, ever used anything near 8 inserts on a given track anyway. Maybe if you need 16 inserts on a track it may not have been records too well in the first place! :slight_smile:

I’ve just deleted the Defaults.xml file and seems to work like you say. Now meters look better than 8.1 I¡ll keep trying and I hope 8.2 will be my option now.

Many thanks.

SWEET!! I was actually shocked to see how much it improved. I was getting slow downs even on my control surface meters and thought it was other issues. I always knew trashing preferences is the way to go but sometimes so much work involved to get everything back configured and I saw that most of the issues come from the defaults.xml.

Glad it’s better hope it stays that way.

Exactly, remake all configurations in a big setup can be hard. SB should fix this. A “zero” installation with every update is not the best solution.

Thanks again Timeline.

So what do you lose by trashing only defaults.xml and not all prefs? What would I need to go in and re-configure if I trashed that file? I also don’t want to look into every corner of the app to configure the settings again that I spent a lot of time on over the months.