Nuendo 8.2 Mixer record enable, monitor, R/W buttons missing

After I upgraded to Nuendo 8.2 from 8.1 and open the mixer, the channel Listen, Mute, Solo and Edit buttons along with the Record Enable, Monitor and Automation R/W buttons do not appear. I can click on them and make them appear kind of but I don’t think that is how they should behave.

They also do not appear on the project window.

In previous version of Nuendo 8.1 etc. They were appearing on a grey background. In 8.2 they do not appear and I have a solid black background and not a grey background.

The Windows\Windows reset function does not work.
Deleting the %appdata%\Stienberg\Nuendo 8.2 folder does not help.

Does anybody have some ideas on this?

Some help would be much appreciated.