Nuendo 8.2: Scroll and Zoom ...One messy GUI


We recently started testing Nuendo 8.2 on Win10 but we have serious GUI issues.
When I scroll through the tracks or I zoom in or out, everything (lines,buttons,waveforms,…) stays, so you get one messy screen and it is impossible to work with. (see screenshot)
Is this due to the graphics card, memory, cpu,… or a setting?


I don’t have this problem… so it depends on your system or configuration
What kind of displays you are using?

Hi and welcome,

Try to trash Cubase preferences. If you have a NVIDIA graphics card, search for the relevant threads (or search in the Steinberg Knowledgebase) and find working NVIDIA driver.

Now we use a standard LG 24’ HD model.
With Nuendo 6.5 which is also installed on the computer I don’t have any issues.


As far as I know, LG is a display. But the graphic card is important here.

Nuendo 6 is based on different picture drawing engine.

Trash DEFAULTS.xml see the magic:)


This way, you trash some preferences. If you want to trash the whole preferences, delete the whole folder (%AppData% Steinberg/Nuendo 8), or use Cubase/Nuendo Safe Start Mode.

Hi, this sort of thing happened to me not long ago with Cubase 9.5 for no apparent reason (Nuendo 8.2 worked as expected).

My screen was all orange-like,

Trashing and rebuilding the prefs did solve the problem.

First time I ever trashed preferences in 16 years :wink:

I’m on PC WIN 7 pro 64

Graphic card is a Matrox 4 head display and one of the outputs feeds an LG TV.