Nuendo 8.3.1 Bombs on track import from another project

Hi Guys

When trying to import tracks from another Nuendo project, Nuendo 8 starts the import, then bombs and shuts down.
The other project is using the same template, was done in 8.3 and only have mono and stereo tracks with some atmos, foley and sfx.
I have copied the other project folder onto the same drive, tried to import with referencing to the other folder and with copying files from the other folder and have tried selecting only one track at a time but still no joy?

Any ideas please?



I posted this a few days ago to the support team @ steinberg.
Maybe it is related ?

Double clicking audio part in the project window.
Audio region opens in separate sample editor window.
When selecting audio from that region and drag it into the project window, Nuendo gives me this error: Save session under a new nameā€¦
This happens with the new 8.3.1 update on 2 different machines.
In order to continue to work I had to reinstall 8.3.