Nuendo 8.3.20 crashes on new win10 pro workstation with error in Steinbergs graphics2d.dll


just changed my system from a mac to a brandnew win 10 pro workstation, configured from a specialized reseller for the use with Nuendo’s latest version and Nuage desks. But this machine didn’t work reliable with Nuendo: sometimes after 2 hours, sometimes 10 minutes after working on a new project Nuendo just closes down - no error message, it just exits. In the windows error report it is always mentioned that the error occurs in the Steinberg graphics2d.dll file. And it is regardless what work is done, it crashes even while a working pause on it self.

As the support is not really fast, I had many hours searching a possible solution by my own - also because on mac I got this normally by myself in a short time. But with this workstation, it is weird. When I deinstalled the 8.3.15 Nuendo Update and got to the 8.0.10 version (from 2017) everything works fine on this brandnew machine - but without the new features.

When working with the newest version of Nuendo and as a workaround with a older version of the mentioned graphics2d.dll, the error changes - I get a error message and a crash dump file from Nuendo and have to close Nuendo by meyself. So it is also not reliably working.

Perhaps it is the graphics card - but the support is not shure. So I am just before to give the Workstation back to the reseller.

As a last try, I just ask you as the folks, working with Nuendo 8.3.20 on win10 - someone who knows that problem, could give a hint or had the same problem with Nuendo and know the reason or a solution?

The rough system specs of the machine are:

  • ASUS X299-A with Thunderbold3 EX (for UAD apollos)
  • Intel i9-9900X (10x3,5 Ghz)
  • AMD W5100 WX graphics
  • Additional Intel network card
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Win10 Pro (stable release dec. 2018)

Thanks for your help in advance.


Andreas, I have the same problems with Nuendo 8.3.20 on Win 10 pro, crashing after a while. I also have problems with Samplitude ProX 5 crashing on the same computer. I am beginning to believe this is a Win 10 problem. Microsoft loves to let the public beta test their software for them. My system is built on a 2 Xeon CPU E5-2600 with 128 GB with 64 bit OS. This is the first time I have ever seen Nuendo crash in 20 years. Based on that fact, I think it must be Win 10 however hopefully the Steinberg techs can confirm honestly what is going on. Hard to meet deadlines when the system crashes


with other audio or video software i have had no problems on that machine, only with Nuendo 8.3 - i think it is more a problem with the new video engine Steinberg developed because with earlier versions of Nuendo 8 there was no crashing. Also that machine mentioned above was a “proved” configuration of a specialized reseller. And no, Steinberg was not able to solve the problem or find the error source - I returned the system to the dealer as it was not working reliable with Nuendo 8.3 . So I could not say, if the new version 10.3 would work reliable. But in the 10.3 version i have found also lots of bugs on my 2 mac systems but luckily no chrashes while working (only sometimes then i close a already safed project or Nuendo…, at the moment i have no time for the switch to win10 but will do so as apples hardware and software is not any longer my choice - i don’t like cages with a reduced GUI and no possibilities other than the manufacturer gives…).

Perhaps you could try the 10.3 version of Nuendo to solve the problems? (eventualy there is a demo license to test in advance).

Greetings and hopefully good luck for solving the problem.