Nuendo 8.3 free update available - the Virtual Reality release & maintenance

Dear forum members,

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Nuendo 8.3. This latest updates provides Virtual Reality tools for free to Nuendo 8 users,
and for the first time, an integrated workflow including Panner, Binauralizer and Ambisonics 3rd order support.

Learn more about audio for VR: Audio Production for VR video by Stephan Schütze

Learn more about the VR audio workflow in Nuendo 8.3: VR tools in Nuendo video by Stephan Schütze

Next to new features, Nuendo 8.3 provides more than 35 fixes for important issues in areas such as
video thumbnails, user interface and overall stability.

The Nuendo 8.3 download installer and the Version History is available here: Nuendo 8.3 download page

Kind Regards,

Hi Timo, thanks for the Update.
sadly the installer chooses not to update, because Nuendo 8 is “not installed”. Sure is… What to do?

Fixed… problem on my part here!!

Thanks TImo!

No problem here…

Hi Timo

Great news! Will there also be a user manual update with a VR section?

Best, Alan

Thanks SB you guys rock!! some templates would be a great asset for guy’s new to this.

Installed ok here too. Thanks SB

My bad!! On other systems it worked fine.
I now got it running on the first machine also. Sorry for the post…

Thanks for the Update, Steinberg!


thanks for the update! Actually, I’m looking for the new version of the DNxHD Decoder but when I try to reach the page, it does not exist… can someone help me?

Thanks a lot,

Wow, here we go, the VR update !
Thanks Timo.

The download file for WIN is named “Nuendo_8.3_Update_win.1539189168886”
Looks a little irritating.
Is there probably the extension missing / simply to add?
Thanks in advance!

Thanks Timo :slight_smile:

Please thank the dev team for the MR rack fix and the mixer lines issue. Greatly appreciated :smiley:

My download (win) just as “exe” instead of those numbers. Did the download complete fully? Perhaps there’s some error…

1,371,011 KB for me…

Installed yesterday via Chrome on Windows 7.x yesterday without incident. Initially I tried the download via Internet Explorer and got the malformed file extension.

Been using Nuendo 8.3 for a day and a half. No problems so far. If you haven’t watched the immersive/Ambisonic feature set video yet, you should give it a watch, even if you aren’t doing it yet.

Very impressive and Steinberg sure appear to be meeting their ambitious targets in the version 8.x cycle. Well done Steinberg and thank you!


Thank you very much Timo for the new Update.
+1 for all the Steinberg Team.

You Rock!

Thanks for the update. Timo.

I’m here in NYC at the AES this week. Hope to see youes guys too.

Nuendo is great,
Jim Fox

There are a lot of really great stuff here, but I was kinda hoping the automation-issue with adjustments meaning a whole new set of automation-points getting added would had been resolved by now…
That aside, now most certainly seems to be a great time to finally getting to it and prioritizing buying a VR-headset and the stuff it needs!!!

I’d have hoped VCAs would have been fixed by now…

Thanks guys, The VR update is exciting, but whats even more wonderful is all the bug fixes! been wrestling with nasty bugs for months, it’s hard to believe software at this price range has so many, but at least a number of them have been resolved. Still more to go though.

Looking forward to less troubleshooting and more productivity.

I have big problem with playing back 50fps videofiles, the main part of my Sound Desing work is for a client who exclusively works with 50fps footage. Now, playing back 50fps is not possible anymore since the update. I have a ticket open since friday and it hasn’t been answered yet. Please Steinberg, give a sign of life!