Nuendo 8.3 VR Tools

Hi, I know this just came out but, I think there may be a Head Tracker issue.
If I place a sound source next to my Right ear and then rotate my head (HMD) to face it,
it moves to my Left ear. My understanding is that it shouldn’t move at all.
I have attached a picture to illustrate.

Windows 10, Oculus Rift

Cheers - Fred

Had the same issue. Then I tried 2nd and 1st ambisonic order. Using one of those it works for me.

Tried the following from the online Manual, and it works for 3rd order :

In the Audio Connections window, you have set an Ambisonics output bus as main mix, and enabled the Control Room.
For the audio preview function to work, you must activate Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel in the Preferences dialog on the VST - Control Room page.

Hello Patriclouis,
Thanks for checking.
Sadly, that change in the Control Room Preferences had no effect.
At least not on 3rd Order.
But, I can confirm that 1st and 2nd Order works as expected.

Cheers - Fred