Nuendo-8, 64bit only ???

Did I read this correctly. That for stability N8 would be 64bit only ???

Hi, …
Stability and more so for performance reasons, I guess.
Nuendo ( and all other applications ) run as flawless on 64bits than on 32bits and some even notably better.
We are quite happy with office and DAW/Studio software running on Win 10.1 on 64bits, now.
Although, in the days it was an annoying period when some important software and apps weren’t available
for 64bits or not running stabil together with 32bit OS …

Cheers, Big K

I just installed N 7.1.2 64 bit along side my 32 bit install so I could use the FaceBook Spatializer Workstation plug-ins (64 bit only on PC) and haven’t had any problems at all with my plugins or VSTi’s.

The 64 bit version also allows composers to load more than 4 gig of samples as well for their VSTi’s.


as announced last year, we had to make that move. The vast majority of Nuendo systems are being used with 64bit computers nowadays, for the advantage of higher RAM memory use alone (amongst other advantages). More “headroom” allows for a more stable Nuendo operation in general.


Does anyone know if the upgrade will erase the Nuendo 7 license?


the update will turn the 7 license into 8, but you can run Nuendo 7 with the Nuendo 8 license.


My main computer is a mid 2010 mac pro and it’s 64 bit…

My main computer is a early 2008 mac pro and it’s 64-bit :slight_smile:

Apple and the pro market…