Nuendo 8 and Cubase 10 channel strip

I saw a Cubase 10 video the other day about the channel strip and it seems as though the Cubase 10 channel strip is cooler than Nuendo 8s. For sintace you can click and get a GUI of the modules and the look seems to be nicer.

Am I missing something or is this true?

It’s true. For some strange reason Cubase and Nuendo are not at all in sync and with their releases and unfortunately Cubase often has new features implemented first before Nuendo leapfrogs it and then back to Cubase for another update cycle.

It makes no sense to me why Cubase and Nuendo aren’t just merged into a single program with additional Nuendo only features coming later if needed.

Moderators, are you paying attention??!

I would doubt that. The topic is probably the most repetitive one here in the forum, and everything has been answered already. Still, the situation is less than ideal, admittedly.

Except in your case, being on Nuendo 8.5. You’re clearly way ahead of everyone, including Steinberg! :mrgreen: :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: One day my signature might come true…

Cubase is the bread and butter seller for Steinberg. Nuendo just gives it the creds. Competition for protools sort of thing. So question? Is Cubase the flagship product now?