Nuendo 8 crashing when closing project

I read that a lot of people have this issue and never read that anybody could solve this problem.

Since Nuendo 5, it is total random if Nuendo closes a project properly or if I have to make a reset via Task Manager (leaving a 400 MB Nuendo chunk in the Memory)…

I have all updated RME UCX Drivers, keep everything up to date, but this issue comes back frequently. 4 out of 5 times as another user already wrote before.

I know Steinberg says it is not their fault, because people use 3rd party plugins, but I don’t have these issues with other DAWs…


Could you share a crash dump file?

By any chance, do you use (or is installed) iC Pro?

Nuendo is well known for crashing on close or quit. A daily annoyance here.

I don’t have this experience and as far as I know the majority of the users neither.

Crash dump would help.

Not seeing this on any of our systems but I do see a delayed quit when Cubase ICPro is left open. john

Happens on so many systems that it’s a well known ‘feature’. Google Cubase or Nuendo crash on exit etc.


Problems on quit while using iC Pro is an known issue, I can confirm this.

Same here, wouldn’t be so bad if Nuendo took less time to re-boot!

Oh sorry… I mixed it up with quit Nuendo.

When it crashes while close project, then it’s most often some plug-in, which is not released from the memory properly.

it also happened when there was no plugin loaded… Anyway…Really sick of being accused by Steinberg to be a newbie not knowing how to keep my computer installations right and the way it always get blamed on other events, plugins, system routines, graphic cards etc.
I grew up with computers and in the old days it was possible to tweak windows that way, to have certain routines really be switched off, not possible anymore. I am just tired to waste all this time with configuring and still be frustrated. I’m out.


As I asked you in the very 1st replay, could you please attach a crash dump file?

Nuendo doesn’t create a crash dump when it hangs after closing a project. If it did we could solve this.

It just sometimes hangs on closing. No crash dump. Nuendo unresponsive in Task Manager. Force quit. Re-start. Painful daily routine…

+1 I have the same issue…
Does anyone know wich 3rd party plugins do cause this?