Nuendo 8 - excited for the first time in years!


Just wanted to say that I love N8! Sure, the unified GUI suits me so much better than the old configuration, the look is much crisper and easier to to look at, thank heavens NEK is gone and everything is just there…

But the greatest thing is the Direct Off Line Processing. After years of begging (by many users … and maybe thats how long it took ) we can at last seperately process events on a single track , each with its own list of processes which remain editable, removable & able to be re-ordered … its heaven for my workflow. I just finished a test Project on N8 and ended up with a third of the tracks and was able to navigate and execute changes soooo much more easily. ( of course your mileage might vary ). Keeping the Direct Processing Pane open … combining it with the Cross Fade editor … boom easily twice as fast and way less technical friction!


Just wish the “Extend Process Range” setting added effect tails if the underlying audio ends . I will request that in the Features forum.

For the first time in a couple of major updates I feel that some basic, fundamental , editing workflows have been addressed and I’m thrilled to give SB my update money.

Keep it up! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: