NUENDO 8 Help: Sorry, the page cannot be found (404 Error)

Am I missing something or has Steinberg moved the Help-HTML-pages without updating the link in Nuendo?
How can I solve this?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hi Niek,

Thanks, I found that in the meanwhile.

Am I the only one who’s link-from-Nuendo’s-HELP-to-the-HTML-pages-on-Steinbergs-supportpages is broken?

Hello Niek,

the link from the Help menu in Nuendo 8 should be working again. Please give it a try.

All the best,

Thanks Luis, but on my system it shows this page:

Hi Niek,

when I click on your posted link I get the Nuendo 8 user manuals page (see screenshot). Do you get a different page?

All the best,

Yeah, Luis, my system shows exactly the same page.
Is this a new “landing page”? Just a couple of days I ago, clicking on Nuendo Help sent me straight to the Online English Operation Manual without first landing on this new “landing page”.

I prefer to have the option in Nuendo itself to decide whether I’d like to open the Online English Operation Manual or the offline (locally stored) PDF. I’d like to use the PDF in order to add annotations and the Online English Operation Manual in order to read the most-updated information…

Thanks anyway.
Niek/ Amsterdam.