Nuendo 8 its coming?

Someone kone about nuendo with the upgrades like the new cubase 9?

Nope. Last thing we heard is that there should be an update that has a new video engine because Apple dropped support for QuickTime, that Nuendo relied upon. This update should be released this year, but I think it was pushed to next year.

After that update, Nuendo 7.5 is planned. Nobody yet talks about Nuendo 8. Look at the video engine update thread:

Cubase 9 has come out. Nuendo8 update should not far away, and I am most concerned about is out in January next year? Or in February?

Most likely after the new video engine is done, in March.

I guess if Steinberg wants to make money they can put out N8 first, with the new video engine showing up in a later update, and then do 7.5 then as well.

But everything we paid for in 7.lessthanfive better work before they issue another paid update… :smiling_imp:

Seems to me that Nuendo and Cubase have a similar frequency of release dates.


Nuendo 7 was released in late May of 2015. A full new version of Cubase is typically released in early December. Thinking a significant update to Nuendo will occur in late spring of 2017.


In my opinion Nuendo7.5 will be launched in June/July2017 as Nuendo 7 came in June 2015.

That’s why the cheap upgrade is available till January 15th 2017. So the graceperiod does not reach to the next 7.5 Version of Nuendo 7.5. That’s my opinion.

Regardless the separate undo window for the mixer looks great.