Nuendo 8 - March GDC preview

Seeing mention of Nuendo 8 preview at Game Developers Conference in March, how come no news here yet?

Coming via Audiokinetic, they mention “demos with our partners” featuring an “exclusive preview” of Nuendo 8.

Hello Tronic,

we are currently preparing for the preview of Nuendo 8 at GDC. More information will be available
early next week. Stay tuned!


Great, thanks, so glad we are not going to have .5 iteration this cycle…

Let’s hope the various spatial audio concerns will be addressed…

I thought so - no N7.5. That’s why Cubase 9 was rushed out - to keep the number sequence ahead of Nuendo’s :wink:

I’ll keep it polite and say that you can’t be more wrong. On all points.


Yes, that’s the reason :wink:

Given it is being announced and showcased at the Games Developers Conference, I am guessing we can expect to see some significant movement on immersive 3D audio. IRCAM’s SPAT 3D is to be released around that time so hopefully Steinberg will have technology in Nuendo that either rivals that product or compliments it.

Also looking forward to seeing if the UI consolidation of Cubase makes it’s way into Nuendo along with sonic goodies that SB have developed for Nuendo over the past 18 months or so.

Thanks for the heads up.


I hope we will see information on audio post specific topics as well, not only game audio stuff.

Yes, of course. This update caters for various use cases: audio post-production, game audio composing/production, dialog replacement, some more general features for sound design and new UI improvements and plug-ins.

leak-mode: off :wink:


Timo, may I ask if people who are not eager to upgrade currently and staying on 7 are getting the new video engine without having to buy the update. I was under the impression that there would be an update to come that would make N7 stay running and have a new video engine as a free update before N7.5 or N8. Is that still the case?

Of course. Nuendo 7 will get the new video engine in a Nuendo 7 maintenance update as promised.
The video engine update will be available Q2 2017. This is independent from the Nuendo 8 release.


I’m pleased to say that it sounds as if I may have been wrong, which is very good news.

As a relatively new Cubase user since 8.5 who would like to enjoy the additional advanced capabilities of Nuendo (Edit Mode!!!), I have a question Timo:

Will Nuendo 8 be completely on par with Cubase 9, along with the added Nuendo-only features?

So the video engine has been postponed again.
First info was in 2016, then Q1 2017 and now Q2 2017.

Hopefully, that will be a rundown on some of the key features that will be contained in the new version of Nuendo beyond the GUI consolidation that we have seen in the new version of Cubase.

I would like to ask, because I was activated on the 15th of this month using nuendo7.0, then I can upgrade the next month to the next version of nuendo8.0

Not likely no. There will be a preview at the show it did not say it will be released at the GDC show.

In general, how many days will be free to upgrade to the next version?

I hope so too. I’m on the verge of buying titan and source connect, but would like to know more about the next Nuendo before I do.