Nuendo 8 not supported by new iZotope Products?

Hey, I recently purchased Ozone 8 and wanted to report a bug related to it to the iZotope Support. I received the following reply:

Please be advised that Nuendo 8 is not a supported host for Tonal Balance Control.

While you may be able to achieve partial functionality, the product’s behavior and performance will likely be unstable and unpredictable. For these reasons, iZotope cannot provide support […] Are you able to test this behavior in Neundo 7? We have not had any reports of this symptom in this supported version of Nuendo,

Seeing Cubase 9 and Nuendo 7 being supported products, I wonder why Nuendo 8 is no longer on the supported list? Has anybody else in the forum made similar experiences with them or other plugin manufactures?

To be fair, N8’s DOP is behaving like a pre-alpha, so how can anyone claim to get predictable results with N8?
They are only being honest, if you ask me. :mrgreen:

Yes, N8 is unusable.

Now I will testing C9 with Izotope. I hope working, because in N8 impossible to work.
And the Izotope only one reason, of course. There is many other serious problem too.

In C9 same problems with Izotope.

Actually aside from the DOP issues in the current Nuendo 8 version (which I agree depending on your work can be significant) I’m coming along with Nuendo 8 pretty well.

The bug I reported to iZotope had something to do with wrong Plugin Delay Compensation on Inserts, so I think them telling me that they can’t support me on Nuendo 8 is a pretty strange move.

There is a list of issues with Izotope plugins which suddenly became problematic within N8.
(And there are much severe issues than the DOP/Connect-problem)
As far as I heard, Izotope is doing their very best to fix them.
Until then, they rightly communicate that their pluginsa re not gauranteed ot run properly in N8.

Shit happens. Not only at Steinberg HQ.


But in C9, Izotope does not work too.
And in N7 too.
Anyway, sometimes work in N8 and N7 and C9.
So, incomprehensible, what is happening.

Wait a minute, Izotope is now telling me things should be fine with NU8 ?

I’m on NU7, and seriously considering the sale now going on at Steinberg to upgrade to 8. Mostly, so I can use Izotope w/o issues that exist with it and NU7.

Anyone using Izotope & NU in a stable way?

Anyone? on Ozone 7 use in Nuendo generally at this point in time ??

Running iZotope products with Nuendo 8.2 just fine. They are known to take up FLS slots ( but that’s an ongoing issue with them.

Running the latest version of Izotope’s plugins on Nuendo 8 is officially supported by their company. There could be a few issues with Ozone 7 (I’ve not tested), so it’s a good idea to update to Ozone 8.

Dang, I meant to say Ozone 8, my bad. Thanks for the comments folks.
Hope this thread update helps others to be confident w Ozone 8 as well.