Nuendo 8 Or Computer


Is this Nuendo 8, or, is it the computer?


O.K. Since no one bit, how about this?

Do any of you veterans find V8 to be hungrier than earlier versions?

Looks like the computer to me. That kind of crazy spiking looks like drivers or some kind of Hardware conflict.

You should show us the instruments rack. What’s the 909 ? The Roland’s one ?

Thanx you for the responses!

Everything is in-the-box. There is a four-bar loop on each of the two muted tracks, and some MIDI information on the Groove Agent track.

I was checking a piano sound on track 01.

Is there a buffer setting that I need to check?

… in the mean time, this didn’t happen with V7.

Looks like a setting did not translate between versions. Check all of your settings to be sure they are the same in both versions.


I’m on a break now, so I got rid of V7. :frowning:

Thanx, for the response!