Nuendo 8 questions.


I contact Steinberg help desk but I didn’t get a reply for a week so here I am.

I am thinking about purchasing Nuendo for my post-production purpose
and there are some questions that id like to ask before getting one.

my setups: I am currently using macx2 with high sierra and blackmagic ultrastudio and protools ultimate.

  1. I would like to synch Nuendo on one mac and protools on another
    by using MTC or MMC. Can I do it without any issues?
    I would make protools machine a master and Nuendo one as a slave.

2.I’d send vids to an external monitor by using blackmagic ultrastudio through its SD and HDMI output.
Are there any limitations?
i.e. 1080 23.9 can send out as 720 but can’t do as SD or such.

  1. Timecode. Can Nuendo turn on and off TC on vid? or do I have to burn TCs on vid directly?

4.when I playback vids on Nuendo, does it require vids with certain formats or codec?
i.e. frame rate and size, some formats other than QT.

Thanks if anyone can help me out with it. if u need more info pls ask me
thank u.

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to download Nuendo Trial and try your specific request on your machine directly.

As far as I know:
1 & 2: No problem.
3: You have to burn on video.
4: There is own Video Playback engine in Nuendo. It’s not based on QuickTime anymore. This is a useful knowledge base article about the supported video formats, codecs, etc.

Martin Jirsak

thanx for your quick reply
I will also test with demo.

again, thank u so much!

Regarding #1. Carefull there. Depending on what you want to do, you might need an external synchronizer.
Regarding #3. Nuendo can display Timecode on top of the video without any problem.