Nuendo 8 - Sales offer

Hi Timo, when does this sale price expire? Looks like a great chance to pick up a second license!

Outstanding question; I’d like to know that, too.


This crossgrade offer is ony valid for the Cuabse pro version.


Well, technically the former license is automatically replaced by the new one. Since Nuendo incorporates all Cubase features, there
is no reason of keeping the old Cubase license. Else the crossgrade would be much more expensive.

So which Cubase Pro Versions? 10 only? or down to cubase 5?

Site says Cubase 4 or higher required

Must be obliged to indicate that only the Cubase PRO. Because theoretically the Cubase LE is also a Cubase! Otherwise, someone will throw money and will be on the court to complain to Steinberg.

I wanna make sure - all means all? Updating from older versions of a Nuendo also qualifies?

One problem is… I’m not sure I’ve read where Cubase sessions are 100% guaranteed compatible with Nuendo. Is this really the case? Any doubt of rock-solid compatibility is reason enough for any professional to want to hang on to their copy of Cubase.

Another issue is I feel the only real attraction Nuendo has for music production over Cubase is to gain access to more extensive bussing (7.1, Atmos, etc.). Am I missing something? I am not into post production for video or video game music, so I pause because Nuendo kind of feels like the wrong product for me. But I DO want to create immersive music and beds compatible with today’s soundtracks… #productconfusion

Thanks for your feedback. If it doesn’t feel right, then I recommend to stay with Cubase.

Thanks. I probably will. I really enjoy using Cubase and would only be considering Nuendo (or any other product) to gain full surround support. (C10’s support for ambisonic audio is a big step in the right direction! 9.1 bus channels next??) :wink:

Hi Timo,

Since the offer is available now, should you not provide a little more in terms of technical detail re compatibility for those looking to move from Cubase to Nuendo other than “if it doesn’t feel right”! That appears to me as woefully inadequate.

If there is no way to know at this time, then can you please say so, and provide publishable reasons. Some of us have been caught out with promises of functionality on both software and hardware in the past, that to date, never came true. Thanks

Just to be sure: If I buy Cubase 8 Pro second hand from somebody, I can upgrade that to Nuendo 8 and will get Nuendo 10 for free Q2 2019?
Also, how long wil this sale last?

I’ve bought it. Cubase 4 or higher and nuendo3.x or higher。

How long does the sale last? I have been trying to find out and don’t see that info anywhere. Thanks!

Hello mbira,

this sale will last until Nuendo 10 is released in Q2 this year.

Next week we will (again) have more information about the Nuendo 10 release for you.

All the best,

Weirdly, there’s a different price for Cubase 10 Pro users on this page:

I’ve been doing game audio for 26 years now (so I guess the way I do things is old fashioned), but I can’t see anything which would want me to move from Cubase at the moment. IF they had the connect functionality for FMOD as well as Wwise, then perhaps - some of my clients use one, some use the other… but until then I think I’ll pass. I’m fine as it is naming markers with asset filenames for export etc.

But there’s no Cubase to Nuendo crossgrade on that page.

Hmm… bottom row, third from left…

Thank you. I’m a Cubase Pro 10 user and I don’t want to lose the new features. I understand they are coming in Nuendo 10. I don’t want to go without those features for a few months. Is it possible to buy the upgrade and not install/activate it yet and Cubase will still work until I activate?