Nuendo 8 So Far is Working Well

Just want it out there to people who are thinking about Nuendo 8 that some users are having a very good experience so far.

I have been living in it since day 1 of release and not had one crash, VST performance subjectively is near identical to Nuendo 7. I have been using a template developed in Nuendo 7 with tons of third party synths, sample libraries & EFX in place and have had zero issues with it importing and using in Nuendo 8. None. Automation issues reported, I am not experiencing so far. Saw the RX issue so I have stayed clear of it so I don’t obsess of over it not working as expected and fortunately I don’t have to use it right now. Video import and use is working so far. Tried to open a XAVC file from a Sony a7S and it worked just fine. Thought I would have to play around with extensions to get it to work like I have in other video editing apps. Most people who pass off video to sound guys, send it in H.264 format in HD or lower rez. Not too concerned about the fears issued elsewhere about say importing a 4K video. That is Nucky Futz anyway. That file should be transcoded into a reasonable reasolution and format for use in a DAW. Standard stuff, so come on! Haven’t tried any importing yet other than a few video files.

Had issues on first use with a couple of preference settings not coming over. One was a custom VST path was absent. Quickly fixable. The other one was the colour scheme in the editors were set up with bizarre colour combinations that were near identical so the background was almost the same as the grid lines and rulers with all of which were dark, dark charcoal in colour. Saving was a bit slower than in Nuendo 7 so I disabled some tracks that I wasn’t using and got things back to my prior expectation.

Massive blacklist of VSTs is disconcerting but appears fixable with JBridge if you have to use the older stuff.

Been focusing largely on figuring out if third party plugins work as expected. Starting to dive into the newer Nuendo stuff now to get a handle on the new plugins and tools. Liking the consolidated user interface and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it.

Thoroughly pleasant experience so far.

Let the pile on begin.

I get the same positive experience as yours.

No major difference regarding CPU. Resurrect one 64 bit VSTi from the Black List was very easy. Almost everything works perfectly (new tools and workflow improvements from Cubase 8.5 got 1,5 year iron out to get into N8). Every 32bit plugins are fully functionnable using 32 Lives.

I still have to use Track Import from another project with I was eagerly waiting.