Nuendo 8 Student - downgrade possible?

Hi, Steinberg Team & Nuendo Users,

I wish I could congratulate you on another great product, but… not this time. For now, Nuendo 8 seems unusable to me, let’s skip the details for now. Looking forward to some serious improvements & updates!

And here is the question: I just purchased a brand new eLicenser key with Nuendo 8 Student. Is it possible to install & use Nuendo 7 student, having N8 Student license?

Please somebody say yes :smiley:

Thank you!

Paweł from Warsaw, Poland

I’m in the same exact situation, I kid you not! Was thinking of posting this question today. Please Help, Steinberg! I’m trying to do some internship work, but it’s not possible to deliver a professional product when Nuendo 8 doesn’t work properly with RX 6.

Cheers from Cardiff

A Nuendo 8 license can run any previous Nuendo version.
So no problem running Nuendo 7 on that Nuendo 8 license.


That’s fantastic!
Thank you Fredo! Sorry for being a steinberg-noob, any chance there is a n7 download link somewhere?


nvm, just downloaded the n7 update