Nuendo 8 Video Engine In Cubase -When?

I read that Nuendo 8 has a new video engine not based in QT. That’s good.

When will Cubase 9.0.20 get the video engine update?

Yes, I hope Steinberg will release this update for us right away. On their support page ( ) – they mention that:

Please note that a new video engine has been introduced with Nuendo 8 (Cubase will follow at a later point).

I would love to know what “at a later point” means. They’ve really delayed this for far too long, considering the issue is related to system security, and now it appears they have worked out the licensing issues that were delaying things. So now there should be NO reason why they delay releasing the update.

As a security measure, Steinberg needs to update us asap.

I asked about this several days ago — 68 views and nary a reply. Glad to see I’m not the only one who cares.

I think this is a more important issue than people at Steinberg think.

I don’t really understand why this has taken so long. I get license issues may delay the project, but I really struggle when it comes to the lack of communication from Hamburg, over many months, about this and keeping their customer base informed.

Steinberg make great products, but I do wish they would understand that the difference between companies really comes down to customer service. Using this subject as an example, It’s difficult to say Steinberg are rating highly.

Or perhaps it’s down to the lack of interest in the user base for this feature, as evidenced by the lack of content in threads that discuss this?

As far as ‘(Cubase will follow at a later point)’, Steinberg, please define that. Next week, next year?

Yes…I am interested.

Why don’t y’all just get nuendo if you work with video? (If you need it professionally)

Just reading a little more about this…

Watch out.!

if you need the ‘Replace Audio in Video’ facility, the new engine no longer allows it - its ‘planned’ as part of a future update (and no, they state its not even in development yet- as some of the other planned features are). So, you’re looking at around a year I’d say before you’re fully back, to where you are now…

Gotta love progress… :confused:


Almost can’t believe you just suggested that – but I’ll take the bait for a moment to make another point – 1) Nuendo lags 6+ months (usually more) behind Cubase in key features for music composers/producers, 2) Nuendo costs >$1300 more than Cubase for unneeded features, i.e.: 3) Nuendo is geared to audio post-production for game, TV, film, etc. vs Cubase which is geared to music composing and production for anything, including TV, film, and therefore Nuendo has many post-production features that are totally extraneous for the Cubase market, 4) Cubase has become a major force for film and media composers in general – some of the best composers of your favorite films, TV shows, etc., for example, use Cubase every day and it is a key tool for film composing.

All of that we all know, right? But the point is…

As the backbone of countless film composers’ studios, it is imperative that Cubase work reliably and safely for them, and Steinberg has promised a replacement of the video engine, knowing for a long time that there is a big, growing security risk for people on Windows who continue to use QT (and they have even admitted that the risk grows as more time passes).

They have made the extraordinary step IMO of NOT releasing the engine for Cubase yet, when it is obviously feature-complete and has been for months (waiting for licensing issues which are now obviously resolved), and here we have an EXISTING security problem with Cubase 8.5 and 9 (and Nuendo 7!), while they just released the new video engine so far for Nuendo 8. They’ve promised it for Cubase 8.5, 9, and Nuendo 7, and it seems to me that they should have released it simultaneously… or at least had the courtesy of a detailed announcement for the rest of us. As for me, I’m very surprised. At the bare minimum they should tell us exactly when it will be released, after so much time waiting, given the situation of security issues. They have been very poor at communicating the status lately… it almost reads like they want people who are frustrated to upgrade to Nuendo 8 while they take their time to release it for Cubase. Meanwhile, many of their competitors have long since replaced their (albeit) simpler video engines, while Cubase remains handicapped.

Yet more evidence of the mess we’ve been in for a long time, tied precariously to the lousy situation that Apple put us in… an important lesson that I hope Steinberg finally learns this time – to never rely on the largesse of Apple to provide any critical tool or library.

Reading this page I get the impression that the new video engine is at a version 1.0 stage.

Thanks, uarte for answering that inane question earlier in the thread.

I figured that poster was either being a troll, or so uninformed it would be a waste of typing trying to explain it to them. The question seemed insincere to me.

I never like getting personal in forums so I try to assume the best of folks (I think most of us – including that poster – have been around long enough to know what a waste engaging in personal garbage is) but I do think there’s a real sense of frustration with Steinberg users in general lately… and I wonder if that’s coming out in the forum too. There’s something in the wind.

At least among some good friends who use Cubase, I’ve seen a new pattern start to emerge, and they’ve been frustrated enough to consider switching DAWs, etc. I really want Steinberg to succeed, but I think Steinberg might be losing their way again. I’ve been super frustrated lately, and I just tested 3 DAWs for film work (Cubase included), and Cubase performed the worst. I was so disappointed. But I feel I’m stuck here for now though, due to a few little features that matter to me that Cubase still has… and the feeling of being “stuck” isn’t good. This whole video engine thing has struck a nerve with me for some reason. I don’t like how they have handled it on pretty much any level.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that Steinberg gives us some good news soon. In the meantime, I’ve recently created a fresh installation of Win 10 with Cubase (and no QT!) in anticipation of getting the new engine. I have to work on a new film shortly, and so I’ve also installed a few other DAWs to experiment with while I’m prepping. I refuse to put QT on this fresh install, so the longer it takes Steinberg to release the new video engine, the more time I have to experiment with other DAWs and toy with the idea of switching myself. It’s been pretty enlightening to see what these other DAW developers have been up to so far. I hope Steinberg is paying attention, because they have some serious competition.

Accusing a post of being bait is kinda personal actually…

“Live n’ learn , eh?”

But its ok. Moving on…

I hear frustration in your comments, and if I understand you correctly, I’m right there with you if you’re frustrated with Steinberg. I’m pretty tired of big companies (or any companies, big or small) who don’t listen to their customers, and don’t take care of the most pressing priorities (like security, stability, etc.) first, before launching new products and asking for more money.

The users of Steinberg products are creative, passionate people who just want to create their art for themselves, their audience, or their clients. They want something that just plain works well, every day, any time they need it. Steinberg is a great facilitator of creativity, but they are not the only game in town. I’ve been pretty patient with them over the years, but I get frustrated sometimes.

But don’t get me started on Apple. :slight_smile: They have caused my studio so many headaches that I can’t even begin to list them. This latest video issue is largely on them for basically dumping support and security patches for QT. It’s a relief that Steinberg finally ditched them but still… it’s taking Steinberg WAY too long to fulfill their promise for Cubase users, and Steinberg bears some responsibility now too. My two cents only.

I didn’t mean it personally – apologies, I can see how it might have come across that way. In any case, yes, live and learn. I’m definitely not here to take (or give) personal garbage. If I slip up, I’m happy to be called on it! I think I could have phrased my response better.

In any case, just want to get some answers from Steinberg and apparently I have too much time on my hands today. I tend to hang around the forum when there’s a big release to see if there’s other news. I need to get back to work I guess! And I do wish you well.

Probably. :slight_smile:

What’s with the imminent disaster looming in QuickTime’s bowels? Can someone make a movie with malicious content/ransomware/what have you? Aren’t people threatened by this all the time in this day and age by email/ads/links/sites with dubious content etc, especially on the Windows platform?

I don’t understand all the fuss. Is one of your clients going to send you a maliciously crafted version of a movie and ask you to compose music for it and then your computer will explode and he will go to your nearest competitor?
I get movies from clients all the time, in weird formats because of the lack of video standards(and general ignorance, a format that’s great for the enduser is probably not so great for composing) but I never felt threatened by them.
In case I’m not expecting anything, I will give him a call and ask if he has sent me a movie. If yes, right, if no, trash. Just like any other unexpected attachment that I get from someone I know.

I think it is a smart move of Steinberg to update to something not totally owned and controlled by a giant third party like Apple, and I would love to get rid of the weird ‘video service is hanging’ errors, but that’s about all.


It’s because leaving it on a Windows 10 becomes a security issue for the operating system as a whole not just within Cubase. But I agree, your example probably isn’t likely to happen. It’s what happens outside of Cubase.

Hope that explains the bit of urgency.

And just to add to what So No Music 2 mentioned, even Steinberg has admitted the following in their support pages:

“…According to reports, an attack through the security gaps in QuickTime for Windows is possible, but not highly likely. … the risk increases constantly due to the missing security patches.”

And that was from a while ago – simply uninstalling the browser component on Windows only REDUCES the risk. And from what I’ve read elsewhere, Steinberg and a large number of their users don’t seem as alarmed as other developers and experts.

The problem is the system as a whole is compromised in ways we actually don’t fully know – most of the security advice I have read from actual experts is to remove it entirely from the system.

And the solution already exists… it’s in Steinberg’s hands right now with the new video engine, they just need to release it. Well, they did release it… for Nuendo 8.

Those of us on Windows simply take the risk for now or use other solutions – however small or large the risk it doesn’t really matter. The current advice from Steinberg starts out with this:

If you rely on video functions, you should use Cubase/Nuendo preferably under Mac OS X only.

And at least Steinberg is being honest when they say,

What is the risk of security gaps in QuickTime for Windows? This cannot be said precisely.

FYI in case anyone missed it, Steinberg posted in another thread:

We are planning to implement the new engine in Cubase 9 with the next maintenance update.

Just a friendly neighborhood bump to this thread – wondering when the maintenance update will be released. It’s been over a month since the new video engine release, and even Nuendo received its first maintenance update on July 12. Assuming it’s coming soon for Cubase?

Just for fun: We’re hitting 7 weeks tomorrow since Nuendo 8 release, 35 weeks (8 months) since Cubase 9 release, and 68 weeks (1 year and over 3 months) since Steinberg first posted about the engine.

I’m sure they’re still working on it, and it will most likely be released “soon” (whatever that means). But that’s a long time since they originally announced the issue, and keep in mind that the new engine had already been in development before the announcement, according to other references from Steinberg.

So we’re looking at quite a lengthy development cycle for essentially replacing a known security risk. No matter what you think about the severity of the risk (or the complexity of replacing the engine), one is justified in questioning how many developers they put on it while they were busy working on GUI updates, MixConsole history, zoning, the sampler track, VST transit, plugin refreshes, adding more useless loops, or even squashing bugs in Cubase 8/9. They haven’t even released the engine for Nuendo 7 yet (they were told about 4-6 weeks from Nuendo 8 release) and they have implied the new engine will not be released for Cubase 8, breaking a prior promise.

This whole fiasco makes me question the priorities of Steinberg at a fundamental level.

I foolishly bought the Cubase 9 upgrade thinking the new engine was imminent, and it has been a whole step back in stability for me from Cubase 8.5.30. And I still don’t have the new video engine in either one. My opinion of Steinberg has hit a new low. Not sure how much lower it can go at this point, but they have spent all my good will.

At least they are running a 40% off upgrade sale for Cubase 9. Good timing to bring in new users while old customers look to the exit.