nuendo 8 waveforms get corrupted

Hi Guys

I have noticed on 2 of my DAWs, our waveform images gets corrupted in the project.
We delete the images folder but this does not help the process.
Im working on a project with some reaaaly crappy dialogue and have to do a lot of RX and EQ work on it. I have not made the processes permanent. Could this be part of my problem?

Anyone else?



DAWs- Win 10 pro 64bit. Intel fireface uc

More details please. How exactly are you doing this?

More details please. How exactly are you doing this?

Not doing anything special. Process each clip as is needed ( sending to RX7A or EQ etc)

Attached is an example of what my waveforms look like ( the muted clips are the originals)

We get this with clip-heavy projects and RX6 rendering on many of those clips. Zoom in and often the waveform disappears, or is replaced with garbage.
Sometimes I bounce the clip to fix it, but this destroys any clip history and is a stupidly data-heavy workaround.
I still haven’t found a solution, but at least you have an empathizer here.

Sorry. Just trying to help but that’s not really enough detail (and I am not doubting that you have a problem).

How precisely are you using RX7? Do you mean via Direct Offline Processing? If so what are the precise steps you use? Which EQ are you using and, once again, what are the precise steps to repro the issue?

Does this happen with all plugins or only RX7 and the EQ in question?

I’ll happily test this issue if you provide a step by step procedure to repro the problem.

P.S. If this is mainly RX7 related then I’m not surprised you are having a few issues. RX7 / Nuendo compatibility has its problems (see other threads on the subject in this forum).

So my workflow is like this:

All Dialogue goes to a DX group with the following inserts:

  1. a postfilter rolling of 60k from with 48db/Oct slope.
  2. Waves VComp for some light 2:1 compression with input getting boosted by 6dbs output 0
  3. RX 7 voice denoise set to adaptive mode set to: dialogue - gentle- Threshold -6 , reduction -5.

Dialogue group goes to stereo master out. Stereo master out has a Brickwall limiter threshold 0

For my dialogue run. I do a quick dialogue balance rolling up the volume on each clip as is needed and marking the clips that I would need to come back to as I go.
Once I have done a basic balance I will go back to the marked clips and will process each one (or sometimes a bounced section) as is needed via direct offline processing. Some clips willl be sent to RX7A through RX Connect and others will be processed directly with RX declick or Rx Spectral Denoise or Voice denoise or taking out a frequency using Nuendo post filter ( I like the Q on the post filter). For clips that goes to RX7A via connect, I will fix what I need to and then send back to Nuendo and apply on the clips.

This means that I sometimes have clips that can have up to 4 or 5 direct offline processes on each clip - mostly RX and Postfilter but sometimes other processes like Roomworks EQ etc. I dont make these processes permanent until client has watched the project and signed off on work done.

Does this happen with all plugins or only RX7 and the EQ in question?

It seems as if its only the RX processed clips

Sorry for the long post but hopes this gives you a better idea?

Thanks Janno

Thanks for the details.
Presumably you’re using the latest versions of both Nuendo and RX7. There are ongoing bug fixes.

That seems to say it all. Some users here have had nothing but problems with the Nuendo/RX7 combination while others report trouble free use. Of course, you should not be seeing the waveform errors and clearly this is a bug of some kind. (You shouldn’t need to make the editing permanent in order to see the waveofrms). Where that bug comes from is another matter. There are known issues with RX7 and there have been very specific workflow recommendations elsewhere on this forum to avoid problems. For example, your issue may be linked to the use of ‘auto apply’ in DOP. See Fredo’s post here:

See also:

I got this problem when using RX Connect on multiple clips more than once.

for example:

  • I got 10 clips
  • I select them all
  • send them to RX Connect
  • Do my editing
  • send them back
  • all good
  • select them all again
  • send to RX Connect
  • do my editing in RX
  • send them back
  • messed up clips

selecting just one of the already with RC Connect edited clips a second time works.