Nuendo 8 Win7 Exported Audio out of Sync with other tracks

This is bizarre. Nuendo 8 on Win 7 (Side note: I bought Nuendo 8 from Sweetwater in USA on payments (still paying) and less than one month later, Nuendo 10 was released :angry: Is there an fair upgrade path I can use?) Our studios use Samplitude ProX3 and Prox4 but I switched back to Nuendo 8 for film composing work and the fact that Hans Zimmer strongly recommends it. It interfaces well with Nektar Panorama P1 for controlling the String Samples from Spitfire Audio. However, I have something weird going on when I export an audio track which was originally recorded as a MIDI file, played out to an external MIDI keyboard or an Alesis D4 and recorded back into Nuendo 8 in real time. I will refer these audio files as “A Tracks.” In this project there are other audio files recorded directly into Nuendo 8 such as an acoustic instrument or a vocal and even ones exported into audio files such as MIDI tracks keying virtual instruments (i.e. Spitfire Audio Samples). I will refer to these other audio files a “B Tracks.” If all these tracks are left in Nuendo 8, they sync up perfectly but when I export these A Tracks out of Nuendo 8 to send as stems to send to other musicians via Dropbox using another DAW (i.e. Samplitude, or ProTools) the A Tracks are out of sync with the B Tracks. Somehow, Nuendo 8 is adding approximately a beat to the audio file at the beginning of the audio file, causing the A Tracks to be a beat delayed with the B Tracks. This is truly bizarre. Here is my method of exporting all tracks: I set the In position and Out Position on the time line and solo each track as I go to FILE>EXPORT>Audio Mixdown. This way each file can easily be imported and lined up in any DAW I or my other musicians around the globe use. I export a click track as well so that they can set their DAW metronome the correct tempo and the click and Metronome will be in sync. It seems obvious that one method of avoiding this issue would be to use another Virtual Instrument or Spitfire audio sample (or the like) but my external keyboards and tone generators still sound amazing or they serve a purpose.

Currently I am having to exit Nuendo 8, launch Samplitude Pro X3 (or 4) and import all the tracks into a new project then trim off the beginning of these A Tracks and manually line up the audio with the Measures and Beats of the DAW and verify that all the tracks are in sync. I then set the in and out positions in the timeline and export each track out into another folder which I then upload all tracks to Dropbox to my other musicians. A lot of wasted time and energy to do something that should be properly exported from Nuendo 8. Does Nuendo 10 have this problem too??? Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is definitely a weird bug. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: