NUENDO 8 windows managment .. crappy


i just can’t get windows to work properly with cubase.
many thingsi go through and never find the right setting. I want to use the workspace to have on my 2 screens, project window and video or project window and mediabay or project window+media bay and video … anyway different configurations.
when i store these settings in workspace it never work.
for exemple.
media bay size and position is not stored in the workspace. it “stays” with the last settings. so if in #1 workspace media bay is full screen then it will beso in #2 workspace no matter if i want it small on the side.
same for video. if i have it full screen on#1workspace it will be fullscreen on #2 even if i want a little stamp. and if i store it small in #2 then i loose it in #1

anything i’m doing wrong? how are you guys doing with that ?

ho… and i forgot this mediabay window… when you change size using the side of the window it goes crazy and also change ratio for the bottom like if you were changing the corner. and when you change bottom side of window. heeu nop actually bottom side is constantly going down no matter if you increase or decrease side. and if you change bottom side the left side is changing !!!

ah and also when you finally have your mediabay size and position ok if you display it’s “filebrowser” then boom left side changes position goes out the screen or overlap other display you havebellow. same for attribute inspector… nnno wait not same.

anyway all of this is so crazy you have to think ok this behavier here, this different one there so if i do that later it will be that.
this is all crappy.

Media Bay is not included in a workspace. There may be some logical reason for this but I don’t know what it is.

but still i have the bug on the channel settings window here size and content display wrong (it’s been since 5 years i guess ?)
i really think windows are a problem in steinberg for windows dunno about mac.