Nuendo Ableton/Rewire Issue

Has any one had Nuendo crash when using Ableton via Rewire after installing the 7.1 update?

Constant crashes over here which is Nuendo first for me.

I get a windows msg stating that another program has caused Windows to shut Nuendo down.

No crashes if I’m not using Ableton.


Could you send me the crashlog via PM, please? It’s not possible to attach the crashlog here, share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Hi Martin,

Where do I locate the crash log file?

If you are on Windows:

if you are on Mac:
Console utility.

Drop Box Link Sent

The problem might be Multicore/Multiprocessor Rewire setting in Ableton.
I checked the box to off as it was defaulted to on and opened a session that did not crash.
When checked back on the session crashed after 10 minutes.

BTW, this is Ableton 8.4.2 64 Bit.

It will be interesting to see what the crashlog files tell us.