Nuendo and Dorico

Hi all,

I’m using Nuendo to craft full orchestral pieces destined for score, using various Kontakt libraries, etc, and became a Dorico user in hope it would handle MIDI the same way. Being from the same company I assumed MIDI engine and vst management would be the same, but it unfortunately isn’t, Dorico is way way slower in everything involving (basic) MIDI editing, instrument changes, etc. I kept Dorico for all the other incredible features, it was a justified expense, but I can’t seem to be a little frustrated with this… I don’t need to ear to compose, mind you, I’m a classically trained pianist and composer, so I’m not asking for DAW-like features that would cloud workflow and divert attention from the devs - who, by the way, are incredible, super helpful and very present in the forum, and I appreciate it very much! In fact Daniel told us cubase midi was being developed by the same guy for over 20 years, kudos to him!, but Dorico didn’t even operated directly on the MIDI level, hence the slowliness.
But please, Steinberg, import MIDI engine in to Dorico! Or, alternatively, import some very cool advanced Dorico features in Nuendo!!! It could be part of what differentiates Cubase and Nuendo, a whole host of score editing tools, more akin to Dorico. It’s really a shame those two pieces of software not sharing anything…

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