Nuendo and file locking in Windows - lots of wasted time

On Windows Nuendo has a habit of locking entire folder hierarchies on your system, well beyond the project folder. I assume it does that a side-effect of placing watch folders or something. Haven’t sorted out the exact pattern. But it can be hugely annoying.

I often switch between different tasks and apps. Whenever I have Nuendo open, and try to copy even totally unrelated files somewhere else on the system (e.g. maintaining an archive) I get error messages that files cannot be moved, because they cannot be deleted in their original folder. Today I tried to drag and drop some files into a Google Drive browser window and explorer locked up on me.

As soon as I close Nuendo all these issues go away. So it’s definitely Nuendo keeping some file handles on drives or folders open, even if it’s in the background.

That forces me to either not multi-task, or close Nuendo so I can do the file operations, and then load it and the project again, which is an unnecessary time tax.

I would get it if Nuendo does this with the folder of the audio project, but it seems way more broad, including other Windows drive letters.

What Nuendo feature is causing it, and is there a way of turning it off?