Nuendo and laptop issue

Hi - I’m running Nuendo 4.4 on a Toshiba Qosmio laptop running Win7 64bit. The interface is an M-Audio Fastrack Pro. I installed the latest M-Audio drivers, but when I try to record I get a lot of crackle and popping which gets recorded as well.
I installed Nuendo on my other laptop (a 3 year old Vaio) and it works fine. This is driving me crazy as the Qosmio is MUCH more powerful.

Any thoughts? I’m really running out of ideas to try and get it to work.


I’m still having all sorts of issues. It seems that all of a sudden the driver freaks out and I get either no sound or crackle. All I have to do is reset the driver in the Device Panel or by clicking on the Windows 7 toolbar (I have the "Release drivers when in background, checked) and all is well again for a few minutes.

Any suggestion would be GREATLY appreciated!

you already know the answer but have you tried

acpi battery
fingerprint reader
card readers

change power profile to high and
turn off all power saving crap
try VGA for your video card (ugly)

Hey Scott - I’ve tried most of the things listed. One thing I did now is to disable the keyboard lights dimming, basically I have them stay on. We’ll see if that helps. It just seems like all of a sudden the driver freaks out. It’s very strange. The DPC latency application does not show any spikes, so that’s what’s puzzling.