Nuendo and NEK 5.5.5 pre-release update available

We have uploaded the updates to Nuendo 5.5.5 and the NEK 5.5.5.
As this is a pre-release update, this version is not officially supported by us.

Please find the update and the version history on the regular download pages.

Can we expect regular fully tested release 5.5.X soon?



Can we have a word on this please?



Andrew K

Actually, we do plan to release a final Nuendo 5.5.6 version at a later stage. We do not have an exact release date though and it won’t be within the first quarter of this year.


You won’t miss out on any content by going straight to 5.5 and then updating to 5.5.5. You’ll get it all from the 5.5 update-- check out the size of the NEK 5.5 download.

I just went through this in putting 5.5.5 on my laptop (Mac); had a little trouble getting the second NEK file to download. Maybe you won’t have the same issue with PC.

Good luck!



Thanks Chewy!


For that I can’t help you-- on a Mac it just goes where it’s supposed to… not so w/ PC?



That’s got to be right… then you run the installer and it puts everything where it’s supposed to go. Whatever that means… that’s the way it worked over here…


Will this ever see the light of day?!???

Just wondering about this as well??

Good question …