Nuendo and nuendo expansion kit licenses

Hello everybody. Maybe somebody know if latest Nuendo 11 version on Elicenser,working with both early Nuendo 5 and separate expansion Nuendo 5 kit versions ? I’m mean if Nuendo 11 license allow to start expansion kit too, or just Nuendo. Because before Nuendo 6 or 7 it was 2 different licenses. And after this version expansion kit was integrated in the Nuendo same license.

Do you need to run the old versions rather than v11?

Yes. I’m need to understanding how it’s working.
So can i use with Nuendo 11 license both Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 5 expansion kit? Or just Nuendo 5.
And expansion kit needed separate license?

I honestly don’t entirely know. I guess you’re asking if the NEK license is surrendered during an upgrade? I can’t remember. I would think probably not.

Have you contacted Steinberg support / sales and asked? That’s what I would do.

Thanks. I’m don’t know too. Because after Nuendo 6 or 7 NEK was integrated in the same license and software program. But before this versions it was 2 separate different licenses.

I suspect the only way to find out for sure is to try it.