Nuendo and SmartAv Tango.

It seems that, since the introduction of Nuage, Steinberg have decided to no longer publish their SDK in order to make it more difficult for other companies to develop products to interface with Nuendo/Cubase, presumably in the mistaken belief that this will force more people to buy Nuage. This action has contributed to SmartAv, the makers of the Tango control surfaces being forced out of business.

The Tango remains, in my view, the best control surface on the market, and rather than push me into the Nuage camp it has hardened my resolve never to buy any Steinberg hardware again.

It seems that Tango users are so attached to them that support for the controllers now seems likely to continue, although it may be slightly more difficult due to Steinberg refusing to publish the SDK information they have previously published for many years.

Well done Steinberg.


You know it has nothing to do with Steinberg. Come on.

The Tango is great, Its a true pleasure mixing on it.
I think Avid is the more the culprit here then SB regarding the Eucon and the main reason SAV stopped making the Tango. I was also told by Smart AV that SB no longer publishes their SDK, Is that True? there is a small possibility we still will have support and updates but that is still in the works right now.

Fredo or Timo can you please fill us in more about this?



I got my info from SmartAv too. You’re right, the Avid stance didn’t help either. Not having access to the SDK makes it difficult for anyone to keep their products up-to-date with ongoing DAW updates, which creates a knock-on effect.

As I understand it, Avid never provided SmartAV with an SDK, but Steinberg did for years and then withdrew it with the launch of Nuage.

So, what are your options now? Will the Tango work at all with N7

I hope to find out soon. Ironically, my Tango broke down a couple of weeks ago - new screen being fitted this week!

Aww man, sorry to hear that! I hope most of the features still work or will allow KC workarounds that you can program to keep getting the mileage you expected from your controller. :frowning:

Well that’s just Sod’s Law. In a way I’m glad it happened now, not in a year’s time when screens might no longer be available!


yes, we might be a bit “too” restrictive when it comes to SDKs. However, SDKs and SKIs allow
for serious changes, that’s why we need to have at least some “control”.

However, if anyone is interested in using our SDKs for interfacing with Cubase/Nuendo,
he just should contact us.


Hi Timo,

Thanks for those encouraging comments.

Hey fenderchris,
Is your Tango up and running again? Have you had a chance to try it with N7 yet? How many, if any, features did you lose? Were there any work-arounds? I’m really interested in how this turns out!

No - I’ve just this minute been told that the new screen they sent was damaged!

Waiting for another one now. What a PITA.

Oh man, that’s got to be pure torture! Sorry Bro’!

Just got my Tango-1 back up-and-running with a new screen and ran a quick test with N7.

This is what I know so far:

It appears to work in general using Tango Consolesoft / NetSmart v.

The only thing I have noticed is that when controlling EQ from the Tango (using the Tango EQ section) the numbers in the Khz frequency range differ slightly. For example, 11.000KHz on the Tango shows as 11002hz in N7; 5.000KHz on the Tango shows as 4999hz in N7. Anything below 1.000KHz seems to match. These differences are very small and probably inaudible. They may also have been present in N6.5. Not even sure if the issue is Tango or Nuendo based.

Someone else pointed out that with N7 the Tango does not get updated when plugin Inserts are added or removed. This is true if you are running Tango version but is fixed in v.

Hiding track types in N7 is reflected correctly on the Tango.

I initially reported some issues with the Tango Monitoring section and N7, but they seem to have vanished now (possibly Pilot error).

I can find no mention on the Tango of the N7 VCA fader facilities, but I haven’t even tried it in N7 yet.

All I can say is that it is definitely worth testing the N7 Trial version with the Tango to see how you get on with your own working methods, although you will need to upgrade your Tango to v3.3.3.0 to do this.

As far as I can tell, with N6.5 the Tango works best with software version and N7 works best with version

That’s great news, Chris! I’m really happy that the tango will still work for you and others.

Where can I download NetSmart v. The latest I can see on the SmartAV site is

Go to the Tango forum then Announcements - you will see v. there.

Good luck