Nuendo and Stream Deck?

I’m using my Stream Deck XL with Dorico for a while, and found a nice profile for Wavelab too.
Now I wonder if it would make sense to use it with NUENDO 12.
There is this free package from, but I’m not so keen on building my layout from scratch.
Is anyone using “NUENDO PRO PROFILES FOR STREAM DECK” from The pictures look great - but I’d prefer to read some impressions before I buy that for 35 €…

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Streamdeck is great in nuendo 12. It’s very easy to build your own screen sets. There is a free package in the store but i forget the name. I am not behind my computer right noe but could check later.
I also use keyboard maestro (mac only) for some extensive macros.

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I’ve tried that one. It’s the one from
But the icon pack is small, and I don’t want to lose so much time with building my own screens.
That is why I asked about this one:
But I’ve just read: English keyboard required. That’s a show stopper for me.


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I find the prepackaged package pretty useless.
I have put all the required functions in Nuendo on shortcuts and trigger the shortcuts via Streamdeck. You can definitely give functions shortcuts that you hardly want to type on the keyboard.
Instead of icons I use colored backgrounds with text. With this you can, for example, switch the bar grid like whole or eighth notes.

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I just purchased the stream deck + which should show up today. I like the idea of the 4 knobs so I can control the pre section (gain, low cut, high cut) Not sure if it’s possible but we’ll see!

Is it possible to have a Stream Deck button show the Time Display from Nuendo as Bars+Beats? I can set it as a Generic Remote trigger but am interested in having Nuendo feed SD the bar counter.