Nuendo as a testbed for Cubase?

This seems to crop up every cycle, Nuendo users rewarded for their patronage in three ways:

  1. serve as guinea pigs for features earmarked for a future Cubase (cash-cow) release; 2) get excluded from new developments now available to Cubase users; 3) deal with half-baked or broken stuff that seems to never get fixed.

All this, and we pay more for the privilege. It kinda smarts to be honest, same old story. Yes, I understand, Steinberg wants people to shell out for two licenses, so they can always have the ‘latest’ features, they are in the business of making money, not keeping the clientele happy, but why the same confused messaging?

Instead of plowing resources into meeting the deadline for yet another mediocre VSTi (Backbone), why not get the important stuff sorted first? Or is that too much to ask? :neutral_face:

Sitting back and grabbing some popcorn …

Is today opposite day?


  1. untrue,
  2. stuff get’s into neundo sooner or later anyway - but at least with less bugs!
  3. no dif in cubase, or nuendo, or any other software - but indeed - sometimes things went a bit odd!
    We all hope things will improve, but they are humas too, and sometimes things are very good, sometimes things are bad - it’s life man!
    In generall i’m okay with what nuendo is like at the moment- some improvements would be nice, of course.
    But i know a lot of ppl work hard to improve cubase as well as nuendo. The funny gentelman in post #2 at least does :wink:!

so, since i can’t find my popcorn atm, i just go back to work :wink:!


indicative of the absurdity of it all, whatever way you look at it, Nuendo users end up holding the s**t end of the stick for longer, and at greater cost.

since those cubase VS nuendo update arguments im considering disconnecting from netflix. it’s better then their action movies

You’re going to turn into a popcorn, if you keep grabbing some every time this conversation pops up! :smiling_imp:

Btw, is there caramel on your popcorn? :mrgreen:

As a Nuendo beta tester (a.k.a. Cubase user), I say bring on Nuendo for Linux!

It’s amazing how Nuendo somehow becomes completely unfit for professional use about six months after each new version is released.