Nuendo Atmos vs Logic Atmos

Has anyone checked out Logic Pro’s implementation of Dolby Atmos? Obviously geared towards music creators and newcomers, but Im actually super impressed with how they implemented it. Automatic objects of tracks and able to change channel type. I found Nuendo’s implementation a steep learning curve.
Logic also updated the way plugins work and updated them.
Leaning towards logic for music spatial mixes and nuendo for post.

Anyone else on the same lines?


Hey, cool! The newest version of Logic will allow users to mix Dolby Atmos mixes in headphones. This will flood the market with surround mixes made by engineers who don’t own surround playback systems.

Don’t worry. There’s precedent for this. The last 15 years have been dominated by thousands of recording studios owned by “engineers” who have never actually been inside a real recording studio. And we’ve all seen how much better records sound now than they did 15 years ago.



Yes I agree… However, the caveat is that most streamers of spatial audio will be through headphones anyway. Having said that, the binaural monitoring by both Nuendo and Logics renderer is poor. At least Nuendo pushed using 3rd order ambisonics to immerse.
We have a certified dolby atmos room we just built, but not planning on using it for spatial mixes. Cost and issues with clients listening to mixes binaurally has made it less effective!
I agree with you… the sh!tshow has just begun! :slight_smile:

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I agree nuendo and logic binaural rendering are poor, you still need the Dolby Atmos Renderer for that, but of course a workaround will appear soon.

Also, the need of a Atmos room will not succeed, I´m one that will just do it in binaural. I know how a speaker works and i know the rules to make it translate well on speakers and of course don´t forget binaural will be 90% of the business anyway!