nuendo audio file name cannot be unique

For example: Put 3 mp3, wav audio materials with the same name “11” in different locations on the computer, and drag them into the project from this folder one after another. Normally, the first audio material inserted will be destroyed. Especially the mp3 file with the same name. I tried many times, two mp3s with the same name could not generate new files in the audio folder, so I destroyed the first file directly. This is likely to lead to the result that the previous work is done, but only because of a small modification with the same name, the previous files are damaged and cannot be used, which is very headache. I also set up creating new files when sharing clips, and changing the default audio type of the project, but it is useless for mp3 files. It is not like pt, every time a file with the same name is dragged in, a file with a unique name is automatically generated. I don’t know if any friends can guide one or two. thank you all. :face_with_head_bandage: :smiley: