Nuendo automation editing advice.

I actually don’t know of any resources, but I do 95% of my paid work on PT HD and it’s been that way for over a decade.

What is it that he did that you want to achieve? I know you wrote “automation editing”, but that could be “anything”. I do a lot of dialog editing and mixing in PT so I definitely get my fair share of editing done, but I’m wondering what it is that’s specific to automation that you’re looking for. Perhaps if you start in that end I can help.

Raising without anchor points isn’t possible as far as I know. That’s too bad I think. It can be useful for sure.

Moving automation anchor points by nudging is possible in Nuendo too. Just assign nudge to key commands (if it’s not already set) and then it’ll nudge your selected points by nudge amount.

I see your point. I’m quite fast on PT compared to most engineers when it comes to editing, both audio and automation. But I think the thing is that both platforms have things to offer, and that this guy probably would have impressed you just as much had he been on Nuendo. It’s just a matter of digging in and learning through doing.

I’m just setting up N6 on a couple of workstations and it’s taking time for me to get to the point where I not only feel comfortable compared to on PT, but can also take advantage of unique features in Nuendo (apart from faster than realtime export and batch export of course). I’m noticing that the “comp” tool is very “fluid” and “responsive” on the automation line. And combined with some of the modifiers (alt etc) we can tweak automation nicely. I also have a Contour Shuttle that has nudge assigned to it on the wheel, so I can just rotate that and my selected automation points move accordingly. Quite neat actually. Or I just drag it. I do think a tool that changes function according to position would be good though, like in PT. Saves a bit of time.

But cool that you asked. If you have any specific questions I hope you ask them so we can all learn from the answers.

Nuendo doesn’t do the first one you suggested. I do like that one in PT. It saves me 2 clicks. It seems that it might be possible as an option with the range tool but I have actively looked for it to no avail.

You can definitely nudge any selected automation points in Nuendo and use keyboard shortcuts to do it.

One move that Nuendo does that PT doesn’t is select multiple points in different sections of a song (say all of the choruses) and move them around together. In PT you have to do them one section at a time.

PT and Nuendo can both select a range and cut both sides of a clip with one shortcut move (range tool, shift x in Nuendo, multi tool, ctrl e in PT). That’s a time saver. But as I wrote above, PT can do this with automation but sadly Nuendo can’t.

To speed me up, I use a programmable keypad so I have similar shortcuts on the same keys. It makes going back and forth between Nuendo and PT very easy.

By the way, I give the nod to Nuendo overall for editing although PT can be pretty fast too. You do have to think in a different way for each one.


Not quite the same but use the line tool in Nuendo to draw a line of automation without having to create the anchor points. It’s very easy to do this and then when adjustment is needed rubberband the nodes.