Nuendo badly/randomly resolves hardware connections when switching interface


I’m using Nuendo on my laptop (MacBook Pro m1pro). I’m using it my studio, at home, on stage, traveling etc. When I switch interface Nuendo sometimes resolves connections and when I move back to my first location my connections are messed up.

Is there a way to tell Nuendo to not resolve connections and leave it to me if I want to re-patch?

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Unfortunately there is no way to do that. The best way is to save a preset for each interface. On film sets I use two MOTU x828’s and I have to save a separate preset for each even though they are the same model.


I just wanted to post the same feature request. I too work on a MacBook Pro and, depending on where I am (at home, in the studio or with the mobile setup), I use different interfaces. If the audio connections → Control Room presets would work, I’d be happy already.
@Wheels, do they work for you? Do you also use Control Room? If I save a preset it only remembers what kind of connections are used (Talkback, Cues, Monitors etc.) but not the actual connections. Like @Wheels says, even if the interfaces are similar. At home I use a RME UFX and in the studio a UFX II.
And even if I (accidentally) switch off the interface before quitting Nuendo I have to reassign every input and output for Control Room the next time I use Nuendo with the same interface again.
This is annoying! So please, at least make the Control Room presets work! Icing on the cake would be if Nuendo would recognize the interfaces that have been used before.

I avoid recalling in and out settings in complex projects (most are…) because sometimes it breaks the routing from the Nuendo mixer. Usually much harder to fix.

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Yes I do use the Control Room. I don’t have any of these issues after I started using presets. At home I’m using Nuendo 12 on Windows 11 and on film sets I’m using MacBook Pro’s running Cubase 10.5. As stated above I have a preset for every hardware unit I connect to even if they’re the same model. And I use presets for the Control Room too.