Nuendo boot up hanging on VSTs I've already uninstalled

Does anyone know the file path to find unused VST plug-ins that are causing Nuendo to prompt me “quit, try, buy” X plug-in? I tried a few plug-ins on free trial sometime ago and since upgrading to Nuendo 13 they pop up every time I boot up??
I don’t see them in VST plug-in mgr?
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

MacBook Air M1
Sonoma 14.4.1

More specs needed about your system.

MacBook Air M1 , Sonoma 14.4.1
Nuendo 13

Hi Matt,

In the plug in manager, there are several tabs along the top, active, disabled etc. Do the plug ins show up in any of these?

Also, which plugins?


So there are 3 :

lustrous plates by Liquid Sonic ( came in a slate bundle of memory serves) it’s a VST2.4
Shows a file path of /library/audio/Plug-ins / VST - but there’s nothing in that folder at all.
( makes me wonder where the rest of my plugs live?)

The other is a plug called Deco from Strymon.
I tried the trial but never bought it.

Same for the third - Bloom by Oeksound- the makers of Soothe.

when I installed Nuendo 13 and it scanned all the plugs these started popping up on every boot.
Oh- and the last 2 there do not show up in plug-in mgr. thx

SInce it is plug-ins from different manufacturers… I recommend you have Nuendo rescan all your plugins. Open Nuendo, then open:

Studio / VST Plug-in Manager.
To the right of the search pop up menu, there is a tiny “rescan all” icon. Press it, and it will update the plug-in list for you.

I’ll give it a go! Thanks!

So on re-scan those three popped up again asking to “ buy, quit, try.”

And on re-boot they’re still there. No change🤷‍♂️

Matt, at the bottom of the plug-in manager is a settings icon. Click on it and it should show the paths to the folders that it scans. Navigate to each folder in Finder and see if the plug-ins are there. If they are just delete them.

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Once the scan is done, you should be able to disable those plug-ins from the main list.

After the scan :
So 2 of the plugs - Bloom and Deco don’t show up at all on the VST list
And the third- lustrous plates - displays a file path that results in an empty folder.

So- there has to be some remnant of these installs elsewhere.
Somehow Nuendo 12 was able to get past these on boot up. Puzzling.

Question: Are you using the main “root” admin user account, or a guest or secondary account in Microsoft?

There may be alternate paths in another user folder that might have these plugins still installed. After that, I’d get in touch with the manufacturers of the plug-ins so they can help you figure this out.