Nuendo bounce track problem

Have some very old projects stuck in Nuendo 4 in an old laptop so thought of making OMF or AAF file,but it gives error… SInce I was a child then and had no knowledge I did a lot of offline processing, i.e applied several effects to regions besides tracks , anyway , now I thought the only option left is bouncing tracks , so I take off all the inserts and sends and automation , go to audio and bounce tracks , for which I put locators as well as with range tool mark the area , at this stage all tracks have several bits of regions and all start at a different time … so after bounce when I again import it to check if everything has bounced in sync I realize that everything is out of sync, tracks regions are of different sizes , I simply want that tracks get exported from nuendo in such a way that when I import them in any daw, they are properly synced , what should I do , are they supposed to bounce like this in different sizes and positions , do I need to put an empty region in the beginning of every track to make them sync and of equal length… ?