Nuendo can't find audio files - but patch hasn't changed

Hi everyone,

I have a serious problem with Nuendo 7.1.40, I recently bough a new MacPro and due to lack of internal drive space I was forced to move all my projects to an external hard drive, I just literally copied the content of my whole WORK folder, nothing else.

Here’s the problem, every time I now open a project created with the old computer, Nuendo can’t find the audio files. I haven’t renamed or moved folders, the file hierarchy is the same, it just can’t find them…
The problem is that using the locate function sometimes points to the wrong files, a few times audio files that I processed offline lose the processing I applied for example.
The weird thing is, as soon as I move the same project into the internal hard drive, everything works.
Any idea?

Apparently I found a solution, my original folder was called WORK, when I copied it’s content into the external hard drive I called the hard drive WORK, for some reason Nuendo got really confused. I renamed the external hard drive and everything was good, however the projects that I re-saved using the wrong audio files need to get sorted manually, oh joy!