Nuendo can't find rewire plugins

I recently re installed Nuendo on a new hard drive and the program can’t find any of my rewire applications.

Is there anything that I need to do to make the programs talk to one another.

Neither of my rewire programs are showing up in the devices drop down menu.

Hello munchkin,

Platform and OS will be helpful. My first thoughts are: Are you running 64 bit Nuendo and 64 bit rewire applications as well?

I figured it out.

I had copied the program over to the new hard drive but needed to authorize the program again.

which program you need to authorize again? Nuendo or Your ReWire Applications? And how? I can’t see my Waves Rewire Option in the device menu… and also another program (Source Connect that requires a ReWire configuration) is not present in that list… Help please. I have recently change my motherboard on iMac 27’’ Mavericks. Before this passage I had the ReWire Options. Thank u