Nuendo can't see audio CD

I just updated to Nuendo 5.5.4 but nothing! When I try to import audio tracks from a CD Nuendo still can’t see any files. I tried both LG and Plextor dvd/cd player. It’s been like that since Nuendo 4 for me.
Is there a way to solve this? Or I just need to keep using Wavelab to import CDs?

There’s been quite some talk about this rather problematic feature on the forum recently.
Use WL or any other tool that works for you if you are on PC.
If you’re on OS X you can just drag the files from the finder to Nuendo and use the copy to project setting.


Thanks Oliver for the reply.
It seems quite ridiculous that Nuendo has a problem like that. Yes, there is an easy fix using WL but shouldn’t this be one of the basic functions of a music software? Why they didn’t fix it yet?
I’ll search the forum and see if anything useful comes up.

I had this issue occasionally when I was running 32bit on a windows laptop.
But since changing to 64bit on a couple of Mac’s, CD import works everytime.

(& I bet now I’ve posted this, it’ll stuff up… haa haa) :smiley:

I think that this may be what you need:

Good luck!

Thank you very much! this solved it.

Nope. DIDN’T solve it… this solution offered in the above link is to find a copy of wnaspi32.dll and copy it into the installation folder.

It PARTLY works. Now the import window detects the drive, BUT it still does not detect anything ON the drive (ie, no TRACKS appear)

BTW, this bug is the topic of at least a dozen threads on this forum - more proof that the ‘search’ feature does not work. (Try searching “CD Import” and see what happens)

I still have this issue as well.
Never could solve it, as it is only N5 that will not see the CD contents. As you say, the fix above allows me to see the drive, but still NFG for importing.

Maybe the difference is that I could already see both of my drives (internal Plextor and usb LG), only no cd tracks.
This is what I did: copied dll into N5 folder, nothing. Copied dll into system32 folder, restarted computer, nothing. Copied dll in both folders, restarted, removed from N5 folder, it worked! For both drives.
I hope this helps.
Anyway I removed “solved” from the title.